Alphabetisches Verzeichnis der Plugins

3D Heightmap v1.0

Takes current image as a height map & shines a light on it, returning the intensity of reflected rays as another image (similar to Emboss)

Add Noise

Adds “noise” to a selection

Add/Remove/Recover Watermark

Removed by author due to possible copyright abuses

Advanced Color Replacement

Recolors every pixel a different amount based on how similar it is to the secondary color.

Advanced Tools

The most awesome collection of tools ever produced for PDN. Note original post date!

Alias Plugin (Feather's New Best Friend!)

Removes antialiasing. Useful prior to feathering

Align Object

Align your drawing on the canvas OR to your selection

Alpha map

Convert color to transparency & vice versa.

Alpha Mask Import (1.2)

Turn an image into an alpha mask. If the image has color, it is converted to greyscale.

AlphaMask Brush v1.7

(Simon Brown's plugin pack)

Draw an alpha-mask directly onto an image


Converts a white/black background into transparency. Recognizes shadows and makes them semi-transparent.

Animated Image 1.7

(Simon Brown's plugin pack)

Filetype: Open and save animated GIFs & PNGs, one frame into each layer.

Another ASCII Art File Type Plugin


ASCII art generator. Transform your image into an ascii art masterpiece!

Another Raw File Loader


Support for loading RAW files

Anti-alias v1.5

Use to smooth edges, keeping them clear, not blurred


Allows you to export an image as ascii art

Asmageddon Tools Pack v3

Numerous color & distort effects

Average Color of Selection

Averages the color over a selection

Barcode Plugin

Generate barcodes from user input

Basic Antialias v1.1

Reduces aliasing without altering the sharpness of the edge.

Basic Photo Adjustments v1.1

(Tanel's Plugin Pack)

Color and tone enhancement tools (levels, curves) in a simple intuitive package

Benchmark Utility (PdnBench)

(Superseded by a later release)

Bevel Plugin v1.4 Applies a bevelled edge

Black and Alpha+ Changes an image into black and white , and changes brightness into transparency.

Black and White Converter

(Tanel's Plugin Pack) Convert image to B&W/greyscale, with loads of options.

Black and White Converter v1.1 Convert colored image to b&w/greyscale. Many options.

BLP Converter Plugin

(Filetype) File type plugin for loading Blizzard Picture files (*.blp). Requires Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package. Click here to download.

Blue/Green Screen Remover

(Note: semi-broken) Remove green screen / blue screen (background) from an image.

BoltBait's Pack

(Plugin pack)

12 effect (& 1 palette file): Color Balance, Transparency, Flip Horisontal, Flip Vertical, Pastel, Gaussian Blur Plus, Feather, Outline, Lomography, Polygon/Stars, Flames, Bevel Selection, Outline Selection, Feather Selection, Hide Image, Reveal Hidden B&W image, Reveal Hidden Color Image

Border / Stroke Effect

Draw a border around image or selection with your primary color

Borders N' Shapes v1.6

Draws a variety of borders and shapes


(Jesse Chunn Plugin Pack)

Creates bricks (with mortar) patterns


Create beautiful buttons with or without text & symbols.

Dieses Plugin findet man nach der Installation unter Effekte >> Wiedergabe >> Buttons

Mehr Informationen zum Button-Plugin

Camera lens distortion correction Correct the barrel or pincushion distortions in digital photos

CannedBrush 1.5

(Simon Brown's plugin pack) Automates the process of creating repeat brush strokes for Custom Brushes plugin

CellMaker Renders x,y sized cells whose edges are entirely within a given selection

Channel Mixer Greyscale (aka Advanced Greyscale)

(Illnab1024's Plugins) Mix the Red, Green, and Blue channels separately as you convert an image to greyscale

Channels v2.0 (Formerly InvertColours+)

(Simon Brown's plugin pack) Modify colors by channel

Chart White Balance and exposure adjustment Adjust the white balance of a picture based on the white and black patch a standard color chart in the scene

Checkboard Draws a checkboard similar to the one used by PDN to show transparency.

ChessFEN Draws chessboard + position from scratch or by parsing a FEN string. Requires Chess Merida font.

Chroma Key (Green) For removing the green background from an image. Updated to include Blue

Clouds Plugin

(Now a built-in effect)


(Updated and maintained by BoltBait) Internal PDN tool for creating your own plugins. Code & apply your own effects on the fly.

Dieses Plugin findet man nach der Installation unter Effekte >> Advanced >> Code Lab

Color Channel Mixer Channel mixer with addition and scaling.

Color Count Counts the number of colors (or number of times a color is used) in an image.

Color Count Counts the number of colors (or number of times a color is used) in an image.

Color Filter, Color Tint, Posterize, Threshold

(Included PDN v?)

Color Match v1.0

(Pyrochild's Plugins) Uses an existing image as a color template to recolor your image. Works best on photos.

Color Mixer v1.2 Make fine color adjustments

Color Replace Color filter with the ability to fine tune the color and alpha channels

Color Target Plugin Pack

(Plugin Pack) Color Target v1.3 retains pixels of a similar color and brightness, all other pixels are made transparent. Color Stretch v1.0 stretch color values of pixels within specified threshold limits. Target Panel v1.0 advanced color manipulation tool with multiple input/output sliders

Color to Alpha Advanced (PR1) Adjust the alpha level of your selected color while similar colors are djusted as well.

Conditional Hue/Saturation Effect

(Evan's Effects 1.1) Adjust hue and saturation by setting range and conditions.

ConditionalPen 1.1

(Simon Brown's plugin pack) provides a brush that will only function when a pixel is within the given min/max threshold.

Convolution Effect Modifies each pixel by comparison to neighbouring pixels. 3x3 matrix is fully configurable.

Create Image-Map

(Simon Brown's plugin pack) Provides an interface for constructing an HTML image map

Curtis' Plugin Pack

(Plugin pack) Effect: Tile image, Jumble, Selective palette, Equations, Effects Lab, Fern Fractal, Channel Mask, Displacement Map, Blur Map, Dots, Rounded Rectangle

Curves+ v2.10

(Pyrochild's Plugins) A more powerful version of Curves adjustment that comes with Paint.NET

Custom Brushes 5.1.5

(Superseded by a later release) use CustomBrushesMini instead.

CustomBrushesMini 1.0 RC3


CustomBrushesMini v1.0

(Simon Brown's plugin pack) Draw with customized brushes. Replaces previous incarnations of Custom Brushes

CustomFrame Plugin 1.5 Add a pre-created frame to your image

CustomTexture v1.0

(Simon Brown's plugin pack) apply a custom texture to an image while maintaining the saturation

Cutout Effect

(Illnab1024's Plugins)

DDS File Support

(Included PDN 3.1+) Enables DDS file loading & saving

Desktop Background Preview

(Simon Brown's plugin pack) Allows you to preview potential images as a background

Detect plugin problems v1.0

(External resource) Diagnose the reason effects and filetypes may not be working.

Diagonal Lines v2.0 Renders diagonal lines, brushwidth, antialias & angle configurable

Displacement and Alpha mask distorts an image based on the light values of the mask

Distortion Effects (4 effects)

(Included PDN 2.70+) Bulge, Polar Inversion, Tile Reflection & Twist

Draw Triangles, Pentagons, Stars

(BoltBait's Plugin Pack) Draws closed polygons & stars.

Drawing Arrows, Dashed Lines, Dotted Lines, etc.

(Included in PDN 3.07+)

Drop Shadow

(Superseded by a later release)

Drop Shadow: 13 effects and a framework to create your own

Framework to ease development of PDN effects. Full source code & 13 demo effects:• Average & Smart blurs• Drop Shadow• Duotone Light • Duotone Ink on Paper• Fade edge• Cyanotype• Sepia 2• Grayscale on Colored Paper• Monochrome Ink on Paper• Darken• Lighten• Negative


(Superseded by new release) Use PDNWatermark instead

Ed Harvey Effects

(Superseded by new release)

Ed Harvey Effects (v3.30 Beta 1)

(Superseded by new version)

Ed Harvey Effects (v3.30)

(Superseded by a later release)

Ed Harvey Effects v3.36

(Plugin pack) Blurs: Simplify, Splinter, Surface Blur, True Blur, Unfocus+. Color: Color Filter, Color Channel Flip/Rotate, Color Tint, Extract Channel, Filtered Black and White, Invert Intensity, Single Hue, Solarize, Threshold, Vitrious, White Balance. Distorts: Crystalize, Dents, Drop Ripple, Glass Blocks, InsideOut, Lens, MultiView, Polar Inversion Plus, Ripple, Wobble. Photo: Vignette. Renders: Dither, Lattice, Textile, Weave. Stylize: Halftone, Seismograph

EdHarvey Effects

(Superseded by new version)

Ed's Egregious Effects Fast Blur, Dither - Floyd-Steinberg HalfTone, Dither - Atkinson HalfTone

Effect Addin for rounding the corners of an image

Round off square corners. requires the .NET framework 3.5

Engrave / Emboss

(Toli's Effects) Emboss/Egnrave effect with configurable strength.

Enormators Effects

Stretch & DotAtCenter?

Erode / Dilate filter

Dilatation is a simple way to remove scratches and noise from an uniform background. Erode is similar to the Median Blur effect.

Evan's Effects v1.1

(Plugin pack) Effects: Mirror over line, Conditional Hue/Saturation, Octagonal/Quadrilateral reshape/matte, 3D Object (BETA)

Fast radial blur

Configurable radial blur

Fast zoom blur

improved zoom blur effect

Feather Plugin

(BoltBait's Plugin Pack) softens the edges of objects that you are combining to make composite pictures

Fill Gaps v1.0

Fill parts deleted from an image based on the surroundings

Film Noir Plugin

(Simon Brown's plugin pack) Give your pictures a Film Noir style.

Fire Effect

Render flames with this single-effect implementation of the fire effect

Fire Plugin

(BoltBait's Plugin Pack) Turn a black & white gradient into flames

Fire Plugin

(Simon Brown's plugin pack) for rendering fire/flames


(Simon Brown's plugin pack) select a flag & render it into the selection (needs a working internet connection)


Flips the selected pixels horizontally or vertically

Flip Horizontal

(Superseded by "Flip")

Floyd-Steinberg dithering

Apply Floyd-Steinberg dithering


Applies filter to make image look shiny & metallic.

Focal Point

(Jesse Chunn Plugin Pack.) Blurs from a given focal point in an image

Fractal Mandelbrot

(Included in PDN v?) Create and configure the mandelbrot fractal


(Ed Harvey Effects) Creates copies of the base image, each shifted from the original position by a given amount. The copies are then averaged together

Frosted Glass+ v1.5

(Included in PDN 3.07+)

Gaussian Blur+ (previously Channel Blur)

Enhanced Gaussian Blur (can blur selected channel)

GenTree: Generator of Trees & Branches

Generates lifelike trees and branches

Glass orb generator Renders glass spheres/orbs

Glow effect

(Included PDN 2.70+) Apply a glow effect to a given selection

Gradient Bars v3.0

Creates bars of varying width, angle and thickness.

Gradient Effect

Gradient fill between current primary and secondary

Steht nach der Installation unter Effekte >> Gradient DLL:GradientPlugIn.dll

Gradient Mapping v2.2

Create a custom gradient and map it to your image based on any supported input channel. One of the primary uses is to create a multi-colored gradient

Steht nach der Installation unter Korrekturen >>Gradient Mapping DLL:Gradient Mapping.dll Nach Aufruf Fehlermeldung

Gradient Plugin v2.0

Apply a variety of configurable gradients

Steht nach der Installation unter Effekte >> Gradients Datei:Gradient.dll

Graph Maker Plugin

Uses (and builds on) the Grid Maker plugin to render graphs.


(Magical Plugins Megapack) Treats pixels as if they were sand, dragging them down until they have supporting pixels under them

GREYCstoration Wrapper BETA

(Replaced by the built-in "Reduce Noise".)

Greyscale channel mixer

Converts images to greyscale with luminescence control

Grid Maker

Draws grids, also checkerboard and dots.

Grid Maker v2.0

(Superseded by later release) MadJik's Gridmaker

HD Photo plugin - BETA

( Note: beta. .NET Framework 3.0 required) Support for HD imaging.

Hexagonal Grid V2

(Superseded by later release)

Hexagonal Grid v3 Creates a hexagonal grid. Includes brushwidth & Antialias controls

Icon, Cursor, and Animated Cursor Format

(Filetype) Support for Icon & cursor filetypes, including animated cursors

Illnab1024's Plugins. (v1.1)

(Plugin Pack) Alpha Mask *, Cutout Effect, Advanced Greyscale, Point Warp Effect, Polar to Rect

Image To Code (AKA Image To C) Convert image to C/C++ data structure

Increase Local Contrast

(requires .NET Framework 3.5 SP1.) Improve badly lit photos or dramatize dull photos.

Ink Sketch

(Included PDN 3.1+) Converts image to inked sketch version

Interlace Adds horizontal/vertical stripes of color/transparency to the image

invert around primary color

Invert colors around other colors.

Isolate Lineart

Converts a B/W image (like a pencil drawing) to a "black and transparent" image

Jesse Chunn Plugin Pack

( Plugin pack) Effects: Soften edgesFocal pointStencilColor ReplaceVaricoseBricks

Jitter v3.0

(Pyrochild's Plugins) "Jitters" each row of pixels by a random amount, giving a shimmy type effect.

JPEG 2000

(Filetype) Jpeg 2000 file format reader/saver

JPEG Effect

Distorts an image by running it through the JPEG codec.


(Magical Plugins Megapack) Turn images into kaleidoscopes


Kaleidoscope generator

Kill Color (name change pending)

Remove a color (ie background) from an image while maintaining the alpha information

Kill Color v1.1

Removes a color from the selected part of the image and tries to find a substitution for it by analyzing the surrounding parts.

Koch Snowflake Fractal

Renders the Koch fractal snowflake in configurable complexity, with brushwidth & antialias options.

Layer Saver

(External resource) Standalone executable saves each layer in a PDN file as a separate file

LCD Subsampling resize

Resizes image horizontally at 50% while retaining sharpness

Light Rays

from the center (can be offset), draws alternated triangles as rays

Local Contrast Enhancement v1.2

(Tanel's Plugin Pack) clarify flat or hazy looking photos


Simulate the effects of a Lomo camera : high contrast, twisted colors and a noticeable vignette.

MadJik' all plugins

(Plugin pack) Effects: Bars, Buttons, Shiroshapes, Displacement, Frames, GenTree/TreeGen, Gradient blur, Gravity, Grid maker, Hexagonal grid, KaleidGen, Kaleidoscopes, Lightrays, Majority, Mazes, Moire, Motion sharpen, Oblique effect, Page curl, Panelling, Polar Transformations, Radial colors, Rainbow twist, Random lines, Roseaces, Seamless texture, Sine wave distort, Sparkles, Spiral, Spirograph, Tiles reflection, Tube effect, TwistZ, Vibrato, Volutes, Water reflection, Waves, Wet floor reflection, XY Coords.

Make Colour Transparent

(Superseded) Use Color to Alpha Advanced instead

Make Transparent Make an image transparent in respect of the chosen color.


Applies a chrome or metallic sheen to an image.

Mike Ryan's Plugins

(Plugin pack) Alias, Color Trimming, Input to Output, Brightness/ Darkness to Alpha, Invert Alpha, About Silhouette Plus

Mirror / Rotate

(Toli's Effects) Mirror selection horizontally, vertically, or over a diagonal. Rotate a selection.

Moire This texture plugin replaces the selection (or the active layer if no selection) with colourful concentric rings


Convert image to monochrome (black, white & color supported)

Mosaic Effect - v1.0.0.0

(Tims Effects) Converts a drawing into a mosaic pattern, using the Secondary colour as the adhesive or grout between the tesserae.

Mosaic Maniac Collage Paint

Paint with whole collections of images! Creates a unique non repeatable pattern of images.

Multi Color Gradient

Create / edit a multi-color Gradient

Mehr Informationen zum Multi-Color-Gradient Plugin

Normal Map

Height field (gray scale) to normal map (creates a much better illusion of height)

Normalize, Egalize

Normalize stretches the histogram (entire color range is used), egalize modifies the colors, so they are used in the same amount.

NormalMap 1.1

Calculate the first order derivatives of the image (think: emboss). Light angle is adjustable.

Object Reflections - Wet Floor Effect

(Superseded) Use Wet Floor Reflection instead

Oblique Effect

(MadJik's Plugin Pack) Incline texts or images, vertically horizontally or both

Octagonal/Quad reshape/matte

Reshape the image or crop to an arbitrary quad or octagonal region

Olden 1.3

(Simon Brown's plugin pack) Applies and aged look to your image


(filetype) integrates OptiPNG with Paint.NET, optimizes PNGs to make them smaller

OtherFarmColorReplacer :: Color Replacer Effect

Remove/change a color (with a tolerance). Useful for changing background/text color

Outline Object v2.6

(Pyrochild's Plugins) Place a border around object/area. Note: object must be surrounded by transparency.

Outline Selection

Outline the outside/inside of a selection

Page Curl Effect

creates a curl on a corner of your image

Paint.NET Effect Installation Right-Click Menu Option 1.3

(External resource) Simplifies plugin installation by adding “install” option to right click menu on plugin ZIP file. Plugin Installer

(Removed due to Licenses.)

Paint.Net Plugin Manager

Add or remove plugins from the Paint.NET/Effects folder

Programm läuft extra, nicht aus PDN

Paint.NET Search for Firefox

(External resource) adds the Paint.NET search engine to Firefox

Palette from image tool

Extracts the palette from the current image & saves it to (or creates) a palette file

PaletteConverter BETA

(External resource. Note: Beta) Converts and edits palettes. Requires Windows XP & .NET framework 3.5

Panelling Effect

(Magical Plugins Megapack) Allows the moving of selection, vertically, horizontally or both

Pastel/Water Color

(BoltBait's Plugin Pack) Pastel/Water color filter.

PCX Plug-In

Load & save PCX images

PDN File Info viewer

(External resource) View information about a PDN file (dimensions, number of layers and the version of PDN used to save the image)

PdnBench for Paint.NET v3.0

(Superseded by new version)

PdnBench for Paint.NET v3.20

(External resource)

PDN benchmarking utility (speedtest)

Programm läuft extern, muss im gleichen Verzeichnis installiert sein , wie PDN


PdnBench v3.20.2904.35608 Running in 32-bit mode on Windows 5.1.2600.131072 Service Pack 2 Workstation x86 Processor: 1x "AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2500+" @ ~1832 MHz Memory: 1535 MB ... Total time: 309146 milliseconds


(Simon Brown's plugin pack) Add watermarks to your image

Photo Flood Fill

Takes an image and "flood-fill" it into the selection region, repeating it over and over.

Photoshop file plugin

(Filetype) plugin for loading and saving Photoshop files.


(Simon Brown's plugin pack) adds a frame to an image that is a pixelated version of the image itself

PixelLab Beta 1

(Note: beta) Provides a simplified programming language in which to create effects/plugins.

Point Warp / Engorged smudge

(Illnab1024's Plugins. (v1.1)) Similar to the ‘bulge’ effect but in the horizontal plane instead of the vertical

Polar transformations

(Magical Plugins Megapack) Translate image from rectangular to polar coordinates and vice versa

Polaroid Frame

Overlays a frame with the correct size ratios to form a polariod

Polygon Tool

(Tools menu) A line tool - which will draw another line from the last drawing postion to the current position.

Portrait Effect

(Included PDN 3.1+) Soften portraits to look more professional

Posterize in HSV Space

Enhanced posterize effect that first converts the color into HSV space, truncates the values, then converts back to RGB

Power Stretch 2.0 Beta

(Note: beta) Warp images by appearing to bend their surface

Primary Color Difference to Alpha

Calculates the difference between the pixel and primary color. The more they are equal, the more transparency will result

Printer+ v1.0

Paint.NET printing interface (Effects>Tools>Printer+)


Filter creates a variety of psychedelic color effects

pyrochild plugins

(Plugin pack) Effects: Curves+, Borders ‘N Shapes, Gradient Bars, Film, Jitter, Outline Object, Stitch, Scriptlab, Scriptlab Batch processor, Gradient Mapping, Splatter, Pixelate+, Color Match, Random Effect, Random Shape Fill, Smudge.

Radial Colors

(MadJik's Plugin Pack) Predefined formulas (sinusoid curves) define and mix Red, Green, Blue colors.


Fills selection with a rainbow colored gradient

Rainbow Twist

(MadJik's Plugin Pack) Rainbow twist the three basic color Red, Green, Blue.

Random Effect v1.2

(Pyrochild's Plugins) Chooses a random plugin (or built-in effect), and renders it with randomized settings

Random lines Generator

(MadJik's Plugin Pack) Create/add straight & curved lines

Random mazes Draw horizontal/diagonal maze with configurable size, wall chance, brush width & more.

Random Shape Fill v1.0 Draws random (predefined) shapes on the canvas. 17 shape modes & 9 color modes plus many options.

RAW File

(Filetype) Dcraw based raw file reader


(Filetype) decode RAW camera images and make them available for use in Paint.NET


(filetype) dcraw based RAW file reader

Reduce Noise

(Included PDN v3.22+) Reduces the noise in an image while maintaining detail

Re-Editable Text BETA

(Simon Brown's plugin pack) Note: Beta. Alternative text-tool that includes editable text. Works by using Steganography to store the details of the text in the text layer.

Steht nach der Installtion unter Effekte >> Tools >>Editable Text-Tool Muss als neue Ddatei gepeichert werden DLL ist EditableText.dll

Reflection - effect Create mirror/water type reflections of an existing image

Steht nach der Installtion unter Effekte >> Wiedergabe >>Reflection Muss als neue Ddatei gepeichert werden DLL ist dS810.Spiegeleffekt.dll

Render Color Wheel

Draws a HSV color wheel, centered in the current selection


Conversion between RedGreenBlue and CyanMagentaYellowblacK color formats

Rounded Rectangle Effect - v1.2.0.0

(Tims Effects) Uses the Primary and Secondary colours and the current brush width to draw a rectangle with rounded corners into the current selection.

Sabrown100 Plugin Pack

(Superseded by later release)


Takes a pixelated image and breaks the blocks into RGB components. Requires Pixelate

ScriptLab v2.4

(Pyrochild's Plugins) Create compilations of other Paint.NET effects, adjustments, and plugins. You can save, load, and share your scripts. Includes Batch Processor

Seamless Texture Helper Makes a given image seamlessly repeatable.

Seamless Texture Maker

(Magical Plugins Megapack) An updated version of BoltBait’s original Seamless Texture Helper. Create textures with no apparent edge when tiled.

Selection Tools - Feather, Outline, Bevel

(Mini pack) . Feather = fade edge

Selective Enhancement Plugin v1.1

Spread out or push together colors close to the selected one

Selective Toning v1.0

Apply toning corrections. With blending mode selector and alpha channel support. Similar to Advanced Color Replacement

Shadow / Highlight Recovery v2.2

(Tanel's Plugin Pack) Fix excessively contrasty photos, by brightening shadows and/or darkening highlights

Shadow effect

Generates shadows with angle and transparency options. Like Google Map.

Shape(ray, arrow, circle, etc)

Add "tv snow" effect to the shapes


Wrap your image around a 3D shape (with appropriate lighting).

Sharpen+ (Advanced Unsharp Mask) v3.1 sharpen photos with an unsharp mask. Finer results than the built-in sharpen effect

Shoot Paint.NET (aka Bullet?)

(Simon Brown's plugin pack) Renders bullet holes in your image

Silhoette Plugin v2.1

(Silhouette(sp?)) Silhouettes images with partial transparency; turns the RGB to 000000 while preserving alpha.

Silhouette Plus

Converts the entire canvas into your selected color while preserving the alpha levels of each pixel.

Simon Brown's plugin pack

(Plugin pack) Effects & Adjustments: Alpha Mask Brush, Bullet, CannedBrush, Channels, ConditionalPen, Image Map, CustomBrushesMini, Desktop Background Preview, Film Noir, Find Edges, Fire, Flag, Upload to..., Olden, PDNWatermark, PixelatedFrame, EditableText, StockLibrary, SubtleEffect, CustomTexture, TransitionalBrush. FileTypes: AVIImport, Animated Image, SVG Import.

Simple Lines Plugin

Draw vertical /horizontal lines across a selection

Sine Curves

(Superseded by another plugin) Use Equation instead

Sine Wave Distort

(MadJik's Plugin Pack) Uses sine function to apply a horizontal &/or vertical shift

Smart Sharpen

Dedicated to sharpening images after reduction size. Uses an adaptive algorithm, optimized for maximum reduction of halo effect.


(Toli's Effects) . Selected Area is Smoothed internally, as if there were no surroundings.

Smudge v2.2


(Pyrochild's Plugins(link)) . Use custom brushes (*png format) to smudge along the mouse path.

Soften Edges

(Jesse Chunn Plugin Pack) Detect "rough" edges and softens them

Sparkle, Glitter & Stars

Generate glowing spheres, diamonds, and flares, with lots of parameters

Sparkles Effect

(Magical Plugins Megapack) Scans the image to find the bright highlights then adds some sparkle to them.


Draws spirograph type shapes

Splatter v1.5

(Pyrochild's Plugins) . Create paths similar to dripping paint.

SpriteSheet Animation

Test and design Sprite Sheets.

Stars Effect

(MadJik's Plugin Pack) Create/add polygon based stars

Steganography (Hidden Images)

(BoltBait's Plugin Pack) . Hide/show a second image in your original image.


(Jesse Chunn Plugin Pack) . Convert an image (or selection) into a two color image similar to a stencil.

Stewien Filters

Apply a range of filters to your image


(Pyrochild's Plugins) . Distorts base image with a “splintered” appearance


Manage your stock images from within PDN

Eine Art Bildverwaltung. Die Bilder werden als PNG in H:\Eigene Dateien\Paint.NET Benutzerdateien\Stock abgelegt Steht nach der Installation unter Effekte >> Stock Organizer DLL:StockLibrary.dll


Allows you to select a plugin and independently adjust the opacity that the effect will hold over the original image


(filetype) Adds support for SVG files. Note: requires InkScape be installed

take Screen shots and paint it in Paint .NET

(Screen Shot Utility) Screen Shot Utility to take Screen Images and send it to Paint.NET Separate .exe-Anwendung, noch nicht getestet

Tanel's Photo and Color Plugins

(Plugin pack) Effects: Sharpen+, Shadow/highlight recovery, Local contrast enhancement, Color to alpha, color mixer, Red eye quick fix, Basic adjustments, Hue/saturation+, Alpha blur,

Text Steganography BETA

(Note: Beta) Encodes hidden text within an image. The plugin is needed to view the text.

Texturize effect

(requires .NET Framework 3.5 SP1) add a texture to a photo or image by changing the pixels brightness (based on the gradient of the texture).

That other app v1.0

Adds an item to the tools menu which allows you to shell out to another application (GIMP, Photoshop, etc..,) to edit the current layer. On Save & Close the changes will appear in Paint.NET.

Tile Fill Addin

fills the current image with a tiled version of another image (held in the clipboard)

Tiles Reflection XL

Enhanced tile/reflection effect

Tim's Effects

(Tim's Effects plugin pack) Contains: Rounded Rectangle v1.2 & Mosaic Effect v1.0

Toli's Effects

(Plugin pack) Mirror/Rotate, Engrave/Emboss, Smooth

Toon Filter

Extracts pencil / line type drawing from an image (based on edge detection)

Toon Shader Simplifies image colors using code based on DirectX toon shaders

TransitionalBrush Allows users to select two colours and have a brush that gradually changes colour between them

Transparency Adjustment Effect

(BoltBait's Plugin Pack) . Adjust the opacity of a selection independent of the entire layer

Tube Effect (aka tube oblique?)

(Magical Plugins Megapack) Distort an image as if you wrapped it around a cylinder

Twainable - Acquire from TWAIN sources v0.2 Add TWAIN support for scanners. Should be compatible with all scanners that are TWAIN-compatible.

Twistz / Twist +

(Magical Plugins Megapack) . Transform an image by applying a spiral twist

Unsharp Mask

Corrects blurring introduced during photographing, scanning, resampling, or printing

Upload to... V2.0

Upload images direct to the internet from within PDN

Vantage Preview Images (.VBP)

(Filetype) Support for Vantage Sat Receiver Preview Images


Wibbly line creator


Texturing / distorting effect

Visual Studio 2005 - Plugin Template

(Template) Visual Studio 2005 plugin template


(Magical Plugins Megapack) Draws random curves. The curve is pre-calculated and then resized to fit in the image, so start and end points are at random positions.

VTF Plug-In (1.0.4)

(Filetype) VTF file support. File format used by the Source engine (Half-Life 2 etc.).

Water Reflection

(Magical Plugins Megapack) Render a reflection as if your image was reflected in water.


Wave distortion Effect

Wet Floor Reflection Renders a reflection similar to a wet floor.

WhichSymbol / WhichSymbolPlus Character & symbol browser/writer for installed fonts.

XPM File Type

(Filetype) Adds XPM file support. NB doesn't handle every XPM option.

XPM File Type plugin

(filetype) XPM support in Paint.NET. Doesn't handle every XPM option,

XY Coords Creates a grid with the text giving the position of the cell in this grid with X,Y coords. Useful to understand the transformation done by other distort effects

Zigzag ray Creates shapes/lines using scales

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